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Nothing should get in the way of your freedom to move….. no matter what challenges our clients face

Now QAV – Quality Accessibility Vehicles, a company started 25 years ago by Craig Legender and Steve Curr makes Wheelchair Access and Special Needs Vehicles available on rent to all who need them for a very nominal sum a day.

Whether you are an individual, family, group or a provider of special needs services and care, we have a vehicle you can rent that’s right for you.

QAV has been designing and selling vehicles for people with special needs since 1996

During this time, we’ve developed an expertise in designing, building and modifying vehicles in this area. You can rent or buy many different types of vehicles from us.

Toyata Hiace 12-seaters, for example, or Toyota Hiace 14-seater buses.

All our vehicles come with Wheelchair and Special Access Needs as standard

qavrentalvehiclesThat’s right – every one of our vehicles has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate the needs of the people who will ride in them.

If you are an aged care facility, a nursing home or an individual or family looking to have that big day out, we encourage you to call us. We have many vehicles in stock, so you’re bound to find one that suits your needs.

The good life, the outdoors life – belongs to us all

No-one should be deprived of it. At QAV – Quality Vehicles Access – we ensure no-one is deprived of what belongs to all- freedom to move.

All our vehicles come with e-tags and parking permits as standard

Wherever you are in Sydney, we will drop them off to your location. All you do is get into them and drive the people in your care to whichever destination they fancy.

Customer Support

Quality customer support is paramount to all staff at QAV, we are there for our clients every step of the way.

– we have the additional benefit of Vehicle Support – no matter where in the City or Country we go.

We make renting Special Needs Access Vehicles as easy as possible

Rental Vehicles Our helpful staff will understand your individual or group’s needs over the phone and will help you select a vehicle that is right for your needs.

All our vehicles are equipped with Parking Permits for parking in spaces allocated to people with disabilities or special needs.

Additionally, we will also drop them off by driving to you, no matter in Sydney you are.

Safety is standard, vehicle insurance is, too

The one thing we never play with at QAV is safety and the standards that accompany it. Every one of our vehicles is ADR compliant, serviced and safe to drive.

So you can be very sure when you step into our vehicles that neither your safety nor the safety of your passengers will ever be compromised in any way.

Your vehicle is comprehensively covered by us. If by any chance, you have an accident, the cost will be covered by insurance – not you or the facility you work for. Note: Conditions Apply.

We have vehicles available now – starting from as little as $20,000

Every one of them is in mint condition. Tested by drivers and designed in a way that will make it easy for the people in your care to get in and out of the vehicle without any trouble.

If you’re planning an outing or a trip, please consider discussing it with us first

With years of experience managing outings for those who are disabled or in special needs care, we can advise you of your trip – also any precautions you need to keep in mind while undertaking it.

Our staff will help you pick a vehicle that’s right for you

To book a vehicle, or to learn more about us, call us now on 0415 921 780. Our friendly staff will be delighted to help you pick a vehicle for you trip so you can organise it.