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Trade in your car – not your independence
Get a quality Wheelchair Access Vehicle or Mobility Van from $20,000 upwards

Finding an affordable Accessible Vehicle can be difficult

But it isn’t impossible, either. Now, QAV – Quality Accessibility Vehicles – gives its clients yet another option by which they can regain their independence. Trade-ins.

QAV Trade-ins restore mobility plus control to you

QAV Trade-ins allow you to trade the vehicle you currently drive for a vehicle that is equipped with Wheelchair Access.

If you need additional modifications to make driving as well as getting in and out of your vehicle, easier – we can also do these for you.

What our Trade-in Wheelchair and Special Access Vehicles do is reduce, if not altogether take away your reliance on Taxis and other forms of Public Transport.

By putting you back again behind the wheel, we return to you, mobility plus the control you once exerted and enjoyed.

Vehicle Trade-In

With QAV – Quality Accessibility Vehicles, it’s always ‘safety – first’

We take no chances with our vehicles – subjecting every one of them to a battery of tests that they must pass before we clear them for use by our clients.

Our vehicles come pre-equipped with Disability Parking Permits.

What you see is what you get with our premium vehicle range

A manual and power ramp – makes getting wheelchairs in and out of your vehicle – easy for anyone to orchestrate – at the touch of a button.

Vehicle transfer seating – allows you to move seats as you require to accommodate wheelchairs or medical equipment that may need to accompany their occupants or owners.

Wheelchair lifts and ramps – All wheelchair lifts and ramps are built to Australian Standards and provide safe access/entry into vehicles for those with special needs.

Wheelchair restraints – the last thing you want in your vehicle or van is movement. It can be dangerous for you and your vehicle’s occupants. Restraints secure your vehicle as well as you.

Automatic passenger doors – where the use of limbs is limited by the strength held in them, it’s nice to know that you can still get things done by pushing the right buttons – all our passenger vehicles come with automated systems on them as standard

Would you like to test drive one of our vehicles?

We can easily set one up for you if you’re serious about your decision to get mobile and independent again.

To discuss your situation (we offer finance if you need it), please call us now at QAV – Quality Accessibility Vehicles – on 0415 921 780.

Alternatively, email us your questions using our Enquiry Form – a Member of Staff will get back to you the Same Day itself.