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Working in partnership with Australia’s best engineering companies who specialise in customised vehicle modifications we can deliver vehicles to meet your specific needs.

Working in partnership with Australia’s best engineering companies who specialise in customised vehicle modifications for wheelchair and mobility access, we can deliver vehicles to meet your specific needs.

We strongly believe the consultation process is crucial in delivering an accessible vehicle which is a good fit for our special needs clients. QAV offers a free consultation and design process right through to an official proposal.

When it comes to developing a Custom-built Vehicle for Wheelchair Access, there are important factors to be considered for best results:

  • Clients’ abilities (physical and intellectual)
  • Size of wheelchair and client (what internal space is required for comfortable position)
  • What assistive technology is required (wheelchair lift/ramp, occupant restraint systems, seating systems, steps and hand rails)
  • Overall size of vehicle (where will the vehicle be housed / driver ability)

The QAV Sales team

With a combined 25 years’ experience, our team values the importance of customer service and vehicle/equipment knowledge. We strive to deliver quality service and are committed to take any undue pressure off our clients, right from the consultation/design process to the delivery of your customised vehicle (delivered to your door). Our design process is not just about the wheelchair passenger, we also take into consideration Work Health & Safety standards and how the vehicle layout effects the carer / driver.

Passenger Comfort and Safety

Vehicle modifications/conversions can have a big impact on passenger comfort. By working on factors such as internal space, type of seating and assistive technology (hand rails-steps), we can drastically improve passenger comfort and safety.

All vehicle modifications and accessories fitted to our custom-built vehicles for wheelchair/mobility access meet Australian Design Rule Standards, including a compliance certificate required by your relevant state and territory authority. All used vehicles supplied by QAV go through a rigorous safety check and service process and come with a 12-month warranty.

We have the experience and resources to tackle the needs of our clients from different sectors:

  • Community Transport / Taxi
  • Aged and Home Care
  • Disability Services
  • Tourism
  • School Assisted Travel
  • Corporate Organisations
  • Private Individuals & Families


Popular Vehicles Modified for Wheelchair Access

  • Toyota Tarago / Kia Carnival (Family sized wagons): Will have 3 to 5 seats when modified as a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (number of seats depend on the size of the wheelchair space required).
  • Toyota HiAce Commuter / Mercedes Sprinter (Mid-Size vehicles): Will have 8 to 12 seats when modified for Wheelchair Access.
  • Toyota Coaster / Mitsubishi Rosa (Larger Buses): Will typically have 16 to 21 seats when modified for Wheelchair Access.


We offer a wide range of accessories to suit your needs and requirements, including:

  • Custom Manual Folding Steps & Electric underbody steps
  • Custom hand rails
  • Static Van seating
  • Quick Release & folding seat systems
  • Wheelchair Lift & Restraint systems
  • Storage Systems

Client Questions: Key Things To Ask Yourself

  • Where will the vehicle be housed, can it be parked in my preferred position?
  • Is the vehicle easily accessible for both driver/carer and disabled passenger?
  • Are the entry / exit and internal space required for wheelchair passenger adequate?
  • What is the comfort level of the wheelchair passenger (is there adequate space for disabled passenger)?
  • What is the seating capacity required including a wheelchair passenger?
  • Is the assistive equipment appropriate for the disabled passenger (adequate wheelchair lift & occupant restraint system)?
  • Are there any add on assistive devices required?

Why Choose QAV?

QAV has it all – experience, expertise and passion. There are many reasons why we’re the best at what we do. Listed here are some of the reasons why so many Australians choose QAV:

  • 100% Australian owned business.
  • Premium customer service and expert technical advice to ensure best results.
  • Free consultation and design process.
  • We only work with the most reputable engineering companies to perform modifications which are built to last.
  • Delivered to your door, saving you time and money.
  • Only the highest quality equipment is supplied, tried and tested in the sector with over 20 + years’ experience in the Australian market.
  • We service across Australia.

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