About Us

Our Story

With a combined 25 years experience working with the frail aged and those with disability Craig Legender and Steve Curr saw the importance of quality accessible transport. The core objective was to ensure their clients with special needs could access safe and affordable vehicles to which enable greater independence.

They decided they wouldn’t be spectators to the problem, they would work to solve it.

They set up QAV – Quality Access Vehicles. The company began by researching the difficulties people faced getting in and out of transportation systems.

Once they identified the issues, they solved them by designing and developing Special Needs Access Vehicles for Australians who needed them.

Today, QAV makes Special Needs Access Vehicles affordable and accessible to hundreds of people who need them in New South Wales and other states in Australia.

At QAV, we believe, no person with a disability should be limited by it

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Our Vision

To take life and make it more freely accessible to those with special needs.

Our Mission

To put Special Needs Access Vehicles within the reach of all who need them.

Our Team

Dedicated professionals who understand the challenges that people with special needs face and who work relentlessly to overcome them.
Together, with their staff, QAV makes good things come to life for people with disabilities.

Our Culture

One driven by Dedication. Care. A core focuses on clients – and serving them.

What we do to Special Needs Vehicles? Make them accessible

Special Needs Vehicles have the power to take people’s lives and turn them around. That’s the reason we decided to start making them 25 years ago.

If you’re an individual or an organisation that provides Mobility Services to People with Disability throughout Australia, our Special Needs Access Vehicles may be just what you need.

At QAV, we build and sell Special Needs Access Vehicles, Wheelchair Access Vehicles (WAVs) plus rent, hire, modify, custom build, repair and offer trade-in deals on these vehicles too.

Providing mobility to people with special needs

And that’s what our vehicles at QAV (Quality Access vehicles) do. They give people with disabilities and special needs, a level of freedom they were previously unable to enjoy.

A culture of care in Special Needs Access Vehicles is what drives us

QAV’s clients include individuals and families with special needs, healthcare professionals, aged car facilities, nursing homes, NDIS disability care providers, contract companies, taxis and private transport corporations.

In every aspect of our operations, you will find CARE being the dominant factor that drives them. We check every vehicle before we sell it, thoroughly. Every vehicle we sell, we serviced fully and deliver to you with a 12-month guarantee.

In the unlikely event of something going wrong with your vehicle, we have a team of technicians who will fix it for you at a very nominal cost post the guarantee period.

Our customers’ satisfaction is one thing we will never take for granted

AT QAV, we are very clear we will go ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty when it comes to understanding your needs and ensuring we exceed them.

Our Promise to You

  1. High standards of professionalism, courtesy and care we will never renege on
  2. Careful listening to your needs and ensuring we incorporate them into any vehicle we modify, design, sell or rent to you
  3. Vehicles that are checked, clear rigorous safety standards, are mechanically sound and compliant with standards set by Road and Maritime Services
  4. True dollar value on all trade-in’s, we will beat dealership valuations every time
  5. Quality Vehicles made available to you at affordable prices
  6. 12 months warranty on all used vehicles purchased through QAV
  7. Short term and long-term rental options for complete peace of mind
  8. Prompt service and delivery to your door
  9. Customer care – full service, repair or further modifications should you need them
  10. Delivery of vehicle to your doorstep in Sydney or anywhere in Australia

To place an order or to learn more about us, please call us on 0415 921 780.