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At QAV (Quality Accessible Vehicles), we ensure all our customers are given the care they deserve in achieving their transportation needs with minimal stress. Through valuable consultation & training, we help provide the freedom to move.

Having serviced hundreds of customers nationally in Aged Care, Community and Disability Services since 1994, the hardest thing to hear was “How can I find a suitable Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to help me go places?” Since then, we have dedicated our lives to bringing freedom and a better quality of life to those in need of Mobility Vehicles.

Our Care / Promise

At QAV we work with a passion to tirelessly maintain the best level of Customer Care & Service. This is a promise made without compromise, to each and every one of our customers. We take our Customer Care, and the safety of those we support very seriously. We work closely with our customers to ensure we assist them in getting the most suitable Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) or Vans to suit their Special Needs, focusing on quality, affordability and accessibility.

Trading Hours

At QAV, we are available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm to answer any questions or advise you on our Disabled Vehicle Sales, Rentals or Trade-ins, as well as make appointments for any consultation or training services.

Vehicle Service

Vehicle Service

You can count on QAV to ensure your Special Needs Accessible Vehicles and equipment are in peak condition so you can continue to enjoy your mobility and freedom for years to come. To ensure our customers transportation runs smoothly, we offer them the following services:

  • WAV / Disability Vehicle Sales, Rental & Service
  • Vehicle Trade-Ins and Search
  • Vehicle Conversion/ Modifications
  • Consultancy & Training
  • Vehicle Service


QAV employs experienced and certified service technicians to help you not only move freely on the road but to help you keep safe along the way.
The right warranty for your mobility vehicle can provide additional peace of mind that is worth every penny. Our industry approved vehicles are of the highest standards in safety and have a 12-Month warranty with purchase with options available.

Quick Quotes

For any quotes you need for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle purchases, modifications, rentals and more – simply contact us online or call us at 0415 921 780 and we’ll provide you with your quote promptly.

Our Commitment to Safety

AT QAV, we are committed to providing you with the safest Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) possible. On top of this, we are passionate about providing continued support both through consultation and through our blog which regularly offers advice to those already using or planning on purchasing a WAV.

Clear Access Training

With Clear Access Training, we specialize in consulting and training services for the Aged Care, Disability, Community Transport and Taxi Sectors. Through our consultations our highly valued customers – whether individuals, businesses or organizations – can save time and money and obtain valuable life-long skills for Special Needs. We assist you in acquiring a Modified Vehicle for your Special Needs or guiding you through the design process of new modifications catered to you. Contact Clear Access Training at QAV today for further information 0415 921 780 or enquire via email

Car Search 2000

With two decades of experience, Car Search 2000 are specialist brokers that provide organizations with near-new modified and non-modified vehicles with the guarantee of high-quality. We offer prompt and invaluable service for organizations wishing to purchase Special Needs Accessible Vehicles. For QAV’s Car Search 2000 call 0412 217 589 or enquire online.

Prompt Customer Support

At QAV we understand the importance of a quick response for any inquiries or support you may need, whether online, on the phone or in person. With our trading hours being Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 am, we are readily available with customer support. Contact Quality Accessible Vehicles today at 0415 921 780 or through our online inquiry form.