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We at Quality Accessible Vehicles (QAV) are dedicated to helping Australians with Disability achieve the mobility they seek through Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs).

We take pride in selling high-quality Disability Accessible Vehicles but we understand that some Australians might feel that Mobility Vehicles are outside of their price range.

In fact, the number one reason people with disability don’t have access to adequate transportation is because they cannot afford it.

To help you achieve your mobility goals, QAV through our partners BellFIN offer Financing so you can purchase your WAV while fitting within your budget window.

What Is Financing for Mobility Vehicles?

Financing allows financial support and consultation for People with Disability so that purchasing their Mobility Vehicle is affordable and financially sustainable. We understand that being a Person with Disability can have come with financial pressures, so our job through Financing is to make your Mobility Vehicle work within your budget. Our consultation takes in consideration your individual needs and our customizable service will make sure you receive the Financing that you require.

QAV - Financing for Mobility Vehicles

What Vehicles Do Quality Accessible Vehicles Provide Financing For?

Quality Accessible Vehicles provides Financing for all our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. Whatever modified vehicle you require tailored to your Disability needs, you can expect an expert Financing Service that will be provided with care.

We Provide All Financing and Consulting Services for Your Mobility Vehicle Needs

In just two simple steps, your Mobility Vehicle can be easily financed so that you begin using your vehicle as soon as possible. We will personally look after you and tailor the best solution for your individual needs. Through years of experience we are able to provide the best deals for financing of Disability Accessible Vehicles in any price range.

What are the Requirements of Receiving a Loan for My Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

There are a few key requirements in order for Quality Accessible Vehicles to provide you with Financing.

Credit History

This refers to your credit record and whether you are a good payer or not. If you have consistently provided payments on time to your contracts or debts than Financing is much more likely with QAV. But perhaps just as important as paying an overall debt in time is the ability to provide the right payments on a month by month rate. Late payments in the past can be the difference between whether or not Financing will be provided for your Mobility Vehicle.

Are You Able to Pay the Financier Back?

Simply put, do you have the financial means to pay back the given loan or Financial support? At Quality Accessible Vehicles, we know that income and financial support from family can be extremely important to maintain quality of life. We understand that having a Disability can come with its own financial costs and so through our consultation we consider your individual needs and lifestyle to provide you with Financing so that you can get the support you deserve.


In the case of Financing for a Vehicle, if the owner is not able to pay on time, it will likely be the Mobility Vehicle itself that is considered collateral.

Our Goal

For anyone new to Financing we promise our friendly team can help you with every step of the way. Through consultation and consideration of your needs, budget and lifestyle, we can ensure you find the Financing that suits you best.

For any enquiries please don’t hesitate to call us at 0415 921 780 or contact us through online.