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Thankfully, Disabled Vehicles in Australia are much more accessible and commonplace than ever. With increasing infrastructure and access for those with disabilities, Australia has come a long way – and still has a long way to go! For those who require a Wheelchair, it can be important to own or have available a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) to allow improved quality of life. Prices may vary quite a lot depending on several factors which we will discuss shortly.

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Used /Near New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Generally speaking, the price of a used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle ie, the Toyota Commuter will range from $22,000 to as high as $65,000. Larger Buses like the LWB Mercedes Sprinter or Toyota Coaster / Mitsubishi Rosa can range from $50,000 to as high as $115,000. Used Mobility Vehicles are more common than brand new ones and will get the job done fine as far as desired features go. It is often the case that the vehicle will be second-hand but the conversion for mobility will be much more brand new. Factors that will influence the price of a used mobility vehicle include its condition and mileage. A good pre-owned wheelchair accessible vehicle will likely sell fast due to their high demand.

New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

A new “Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle” will generally be much more expensive than a used vehicle ./ near new vehicle and usually sits around the $40,000 plus mark. Once again, this will either be a manufactured Mobility Vehicle or a converted model which is just as common, if not more-so. On top of all the desired features desired for special needs purposes, you will also get pleasure of a brand-new vehicle.

What Will Affect The Price Of A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

There are several factors that will affect a Mobility Vehicle’s price. There are factors that affect any vehicle’s value such as their make and model and there are also factors specific to a Mobility Vehicle’s features. Key factors that will influence both new and used disability supporting vehicles include:

  • Its Make And Model
  • Its Features
  • Its Size
  • How Many People It Can Fit
  • Load Capacity
  • Manoeuvrability Of Seating And Interior Features

A WAV’s features will have a large influence on its price and is a determining factor on whether it is a high range or economy vehicle. As far as features, factors that will influence price include:

  • Manual ramp vs power ramp
  • In-floor ramp vs folding ramp
  • Vehicle Transfer Seating
  • Automatic Passenger Doors
  • Footrests
  • Removable Seats
  • Wheelchair restraints
  • And Many More

Alternatives To Buying A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

If purchasing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle isn’t in your budget right now, there is also the option of renting. Vehicle hire might not have the long-term stability of ownership but it does allow you to still get the benefits of the vehicle you need without spending a large sum of money. On top of this, Rental Vehicles will generally be of a good standard and can be rented for short periods if that is all you require.

What To Look For In A Mobility Vehicle

The purpose of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is to improve quality of life, mobility and convenience. At the end of the day, when you choose your vehicle it should best service your specific needs and wants in the budget you have.

Some WAVs will be more expensive because they hold more passengers – but this may not be suited to you if its main purpose is to hold one or two passengers or even a single driver. If your budget is quite flexible you may be able to consider the aesthetic and comfort of the interior of the car, from cushioning to the extra features on the dashboard.

Key Selection points to consider

There are crucial areas which need assessing when you’re trying to find a good passenger/vehicle fit including:

  • Vehicle Size/Capacity (what driver’s licence is required)
  • Do you have adequate storage space for parking vehicle (Height/Width/ Height)
  • Equipment suitability with special needs passengers
  • Internal space for wheelchair accessibility (do you have a floor space of 1300mm length / 800mm wide / 1500 high) this is a standard set by the Taxi / Community Transport sector which can be used as a guide

Quality Accessible Vehicles in Sydney (QAV) provide used modified and manufactured vehicles for Disability, Aged Care, Community Transport and Taxi sectors. With 25 years of experience we provide quality wheelchair vehicles for sale, rental vehicles and vehicle modification.

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